Why AZ Blue Meanie, Why?

The first question I imagine a person might ponder upon coming across this blog is to ask “Why?”  Personally I prefer to comment on existing blogs.  During my leisure hours I try to add a little bit of insightful commentary where it might help the next reader with some little nugget of fact or opinion that might aid in understanding the many interesting places, people and situation that happen here on planet Earth.  I live in Phoenix Arizona and focus on commenting on the goings on of people here in my little corner of Earth.

I am a clean commenter so I am not 100% certain as to why AZ Blue Meanie and the Powers That Be at Blog for Arizona have banned me from offering comments at their blog considering I agree with many of the posts 50% of the time.

Blue Meanie

Why AZ Blue Meanie, Why?

I repeat the question “Why can’t AZ Blue Meanie and BlogForArizona.com handle the truth?”

Tune in to my next post to find out “Why?”